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At SlingShots we specialize in headshot and portrait photography

for actors, corporate professionals, and entrepreneurs.


**Please contact us if you have specific questions that are not answered here. Thank you!

Service Details:

Service Details:

*Includes 1 final photo per look total, not the full album.
*Included photos will be retouched.
*Additional photos are $30/ea and come retouched.
*Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to ensure a timely process.
*Shoot time is approximately 10mins minutes per look.
*Approximately 7 day turnaround time for edits.
*Free cancellation/rescheduling up to 1 day before your shoot.
*You will be issued a credit to rebook for cancellations/rescheduling, not a refund.
*Same-day-of-shoot cancellation/rescheduling = 0% credit.
*For additional information please contact us today!
*Thank you for your business and your time!


Can ____ and I split the 4 look session? 2 for me and 2 for them?

Absolutely! You may split up your session as much as you like. For example, up to 4 different people may use the 4 look session. It also may be split between 2 people (2 looks each) or all 4 looks for 1 person. The same goes for 2 and 3 look sessions.

What is a look?

A look = Outfit. You may also opt to change hairstyles or facial hair or makeup instead of wardrobe for multiple look sessions.

Do you provide makeup?

Currently you must come with makeup prepared (or no makeup). Natural, light coverage makeup recommended for acting headshots at most.

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